Subdivided into three distinctive series, Kemper Cabinets is sure to provide the flair of cabinet needed for any project caliber. No matter what series you buy, Kemper provides the best quality cabinet at every price point, all backed by a limited lifetime warranty from the #1 cabinetry manufacturer in the industry.

Kemper Emerge

Details matter. So does product integrity. Build a look that tells your story authentically with the substantial color offering and cultivated door constructions of Kemper Emerge Series.

Finishes: BEST | Personalization: BEST | Modifications: BEST | Organization: BEST | Price: $$$$

Summary: High end cabinet with ability to modify greatly to fit any project requirement.

Kemper Choice

There is more to a well-thought-out kitchen than the right finish choice. Make sure your space functions as it should with solid, built-in storage options that work in harmony with how you live, available from the Kemper Choice Series.

Finishes: BETTER | Personalization: BETTER | Modifications: BETTER | Organization: BEST | Price: $$$

Summary: Semi-custom cabinet with ability to modify.

Kemper Echo

Well executed, even the most basic design is strong and timeless. Sturdy and attractive cabinetry from the Kemper Echo Series covers the style essentials while allowing room in the budget for extras.

Finishes: GOOD | Personalization: OK | Modifications: OK | Organization:OK | Price: $$

Summary: Value semi-custom cabinet with limited ability to modify. Upgrades available.


MANTRA Cabinets

Speed. Service. Quality. Mantra believes in today's fast-paced, budget conscious environment, you need to offer quality products with all the upgrades built-in, reliable service that exceeds expectations, and quick shipping to meet the tightest of deadlines. You can trust Mantra will deliver because they are backed by the largest and most trusted cabinet company in the U.S. - MasterBrand Cabinets®.

Finishes: LIMITED | Personalization: LIMITED | Modifications: LIMITED | Organization: LIMITED | Price: $

Summary: Value cabinet that has amazing bang for the buck!