As an alternative to complete window replacement, Casco Storm Windows provide a secondary layer of protection on top of existing aluminum clad or wood windows. Casco Storm Windows reduce home energy bills, interior drafts, condensation, and sound transmission through an added barrier between a home and the outdoors. Don't forget a Casco Storm Door to protect entry doors and service doors as well!

  • Standard Features

    • Extruded aluminum sash and frame with weather-strip
    • Eight standard exterior maintenance free color options
    • Nail fin for easy installation to brickmold
    • Standard fiberglass mesh screen insert
    • Standard annealed glass inserts
    • All storm windows are made to order
    • Max size varies based on window type
    • Color matched installation screws
    • Installation guide

    Optional Features

    • Color matched sill expander for uneven sills and drainage
    • PetScreen and BetterVue screen fabric
    • LoE i89 glass for higher energy efficiency
    • Safety and obscure glass
    • Plexiglass
    • Upgraded die cast metal hardware
    • Exterior mounted frame stabilizer bar
    • Estate Colors and Custom Color
  • Standard Colors






    Dark Bronze


    Clear Anodize

    Estate Colors

    Bright White











    Spring Green





    Ice Blue





    Forest Green



    Bronze Vein

    Silver Vein

    Actual colors may vary, see your sales consultant for color samples.

  • Screen


    Standard Screen

    As the standard in the industry for years, this vinyl coated fiberglass screen material is sure to keep insects out.



    BetterVue insect screen is an improved visibility screen that offers clearer views (20%) with enhanced insect screen performance (10%). Additionally, BetterVue includes Microban antimicrobial product protection to stay clean longer and Water Shed TechnologyTM.



    PetScreen is tear and puncture-resistant to prevent damage by dogs and cats and is ideal for use in high-traffic areas. Additionally, PetScreen includes Microban antimicrobial product protection to stay clean longer and Water Shed TechnologyTM.


    Energy Efficient Coated Glass



    LoE-x89® is a neutral color exterior glass surface coating (indium tin oxide) which reduces outdoor glass condensation. LoE-x89® is designed to be used on surface #1 to reduce heat loss and the occurrence of the glass falling below the dew point. This reduces the opportunity for exterior condensation to occur. In addition, LoE-x89® has a titanium dioxide coating which keeps the exterior glass surface cleaner for a longer period.

    Safety Glass

    • Tempered safety glass and Plexiglass are available in lieu of standard annealed glass.

    Obscure Glass

    Oftentimes used in bathrooms, mud rooms, and utility areas, specialty glass provides different levels of privacy while still allowing light into a room.

    Stipolite (Pattern 62)


    Satin Etch

  • Hardware

    ----stormwindows_hardware_pvc.jpg ----stormwindows_hardware_metal.jpg

    PVC Hardware

    Standard on all Casco Storm Windows, PVC hardware and corner keys offer durability and price flexibility.

    Die Cast Metal Hardware

    Optional upgrade for increased durability and longevity.

  • Types


    Two Track Double Hung

    With increased thermal and weather resistance, Casco's Two Track Double Hung Storm Window provides new life to old windows and enhanced performance to new windows. Each window includes a bottom venting glass panel and screen.

    (MAX SIZE: 52" x 88")


    Two Track Oriel Double Hung

    For cottage style homes, unequal glass panels may be required to match a home's exterior. Casco's Oriel Storm Window has the same features as the Two Track Double Hung with the added feature of matching unequal sashes existing in the home.

    (MAX SIZE: 52" x 88")


    Three Track Double Hung

    Similar to the Casco Two Track Double Hung, the Three Track Storm Window adds an additional track for the screen. This additional feature allows the screen to be active independent of the two glass panels.

    (MAX SIZE: 52" x 88")


    Two Track Slider

    Casco Two Track Sliding Storm Window gives any homeowner the added insulation they seek for old or new windows with adding another thermal barrier. Along with thermal improvement, weatherproofing is increased by keeping out driving rain and significant wind gusts. Product must be handed as only one of the two sash are active. Half Screen Included.

    (MAX SIZE: 72" x 60")


    Three Track Slider

    Casco's Three Track Sliding Storm Window provides all the same benefits as the two track system with added features. Both panels of this window slide in either direction and two screens are provided to compose a full screen system that is removable from the interior.

    (MAX SIZE: 72" x 60")


    Two Track Double End Slider

    Similar to the Casco Two Track Sliding Window, this Double End Slider adds a movable panel on both sides of a stationary picture window. Stationary screen included for both movable panels.

    (MAX SIZE: 120" x 60")


    Picture Storm Window / Basement Storm

    Complete your homes added thermal protection by adding this Picture Window Storm to your homes picture windows or basement windows for added thermal insulation. Each unit comes with a removable glass panel for easy cleaning.

    (MAX SIZE - Single Unit: 50-1/2" x 93-1/2" -or- 93-1/2" x 50-1/2" | Larger sizes available with mullion included. Tempered glass required on units over 15 sq/ft.)

  • Other

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