Now it's possible to go from crystal-clear glass to total privacy, instantly and on-demand. CLiC™ is the breakthrough you've been waiting for. Available exclusively from Cardinal -- the industry's leading glass manufacturer with a 60-year history of continuous innovation. CLiC™ glass is a complete privacy solution. In the private mode, the CLiC™ glass panel displays a uniform appearance from edge to edge. And while visibility is blocked, the liquid crystal allows light to enter, uniformly scattering diffused illumination across the room.

  • Features

    On-Demand Privacy Glass Specifications

    • Resists fading by blocking UV light
    • Protects against forced entry and storm damage.
    • Controls and limits sound transmission for acoustical privacy.
    • When in clear mode, the glass produces crystal clear views and is equally transparent at any position. No off-axis haze, fogginess or distortion.
    • Incredibly low transition time, room occupants can see the benefits instantly.
    All of Cardinal's glass technologies are available with advanced LoE coatings and other glazing treatments.

    Physical Details

    Thickness: 11.5mm Single Pane (Mono)

    • Weight: 5.2 lbs/sqft
    • Max Size: 59" x 96"
    • Min Size: 7" x 24"

    Thickness: 9.9mm Single Pane (Mono)

    • Weight: 4.4 lbs/sqft
    • Max Size: 15 sqft with max length of 70"
    • Min Size: 7" x 24"

    Available as Double and Triple Pane IGU

    • Max Thickness: 1 5/8" (41.27mm)
    • Min Thickness: 3/4" (19.4mm)


    • Visible Light Transmission (Clear): Approx. 80%
    • Visible Light Transmission (Private): Approx. 60%
    • UV Blocking: >99%
    • Haze (Clear): <3%
    • Haze (Private): >97%


    • Class 3 Power Limited Device
    • UL Certified
    • FCC Certified
  • Options

    • Most Cardinal LoE coatings including i89 and Neat
    • Internal grilles including internal SDL options
    • Wire lead location corner positioning and wire extensions up to 120" (10'0") long
    • Single, dual, or triple pane configurations
    • XL Edge or Endur spacer option
    • High altitude considerations
  • Applications

    • Main exterior windows and doors
    • Privacy partitions
    • Office conference rooms
    • Modern renovations
    • Hospital doors and viewing rooms
    • Turns glass into a writable whiteboard surface
    • Rear projection display systems compatible
    Note: CLiC must be used in a framed window/door system, not available in a frameless polished edge or fabricated glass product. CLiC is not yet available in curved and shaped configurations.
  • F.A.Q.

    What is CLiC?

    CLiC is a powered switchable privacy glass that offers homeowners, window manufacturers, builders, designers, and architects an exciting new technology for creating privacy. CLiC combines the most advanced liquid crystal science with Cardinal's proven expertise in glass manufacturing and fabrication. When it comes to privacy, clarity, switching speed and durability, CLiC stands alone.

    Where can I install CLiC glass?

    CLiC is suitable for use in residential and commercial interior and exterior applications. Switchable privacy glass can be utilized in windows, doors, and wall systems. CLiC is not suitable for exposed edge applications.

    How does CLiC create privacy?

    CLiC's unique application of liquid crystal technology is key to its performance. Liquid crystals can be manipulated to appear in an aligned or scattered pattern by applying an electrical signal to change their orientation. When CLiC is in the privacy state, the liquid crystals are scattered and random, diffusing the light. When liquid crystals are in alignment with each other CLiC appears clear just like traditional clear glass.

    Does the CLiC unit reduce the amount of light transmittance?

    The CLiC unit in the privacy state has neutral translucent appearance which slightly reduces the overall visible light transmittance when compared to the clear state. Total reduction is dependent on the final overall construction of the CLiC unit.

    How well does CLiC provide acoustical privacy?

    The standard 11.5mm CLiC unit construction has a Sound Transmission Class (STC) rating of 37, which provides superior sound dampening properties.

    What are the maximum and minimum sizes?

    In the 9.9mm thickness, CLiC is available in sizes up to a maximum 15 sqft (max length of 70"). At the 11.5mm thickness, maximum size is 59" x 96" (1498mm x 2438mm). Both configurations have a minimum size of 7" x 24" (178mm x 610mm).

    What is the overall thickness of CLiC?

    CLiC is available in either 9.9mm or 11.5mm, monolithically dependent on the application and size requirements. Various thicknesses of insulating glass constructions can be achieved with a variety of spacer thicknesses and cover lites.

    How fast does CLiC switch between clear and privacy?

    CLiC panels switch in less than one second.

    How is CLiC controlled?

    The proprietary controller allows for numerous ways to integrate CLiC into various applications. It can easily be controlled by a variety of switching devices including a basic light switch (unpowered), smart device, or building management system.

    What happens if the CLiC unit loses power?

    The CLiC unit defaults to a privacy state when there is no power applied.

    How much power does CLiC use?

    CLiC is recognized by the National Electrical Code (NEC) as a Class 3 power-limited low voltage system. CLiC typically uses less than 1/2 watt per square foot when active in the clear state and CLiC requires minimal power while in the privacy state.

    How do i maintain the CLiC unit?

    No special maintenance is needed. See National Glass Association (NGA) Glass Informational Bulletin FB01-00 (2016): Proper Procedures for Cleaning Architectural Glass Products

    Is the liquid crystal safe?

    All materials are safe and non-toxic. Liquid crystal technology is all around us, from smart phones to flat screen TVs. CLiC incorporates this technology to achieve a vastly improved switchable privacy glass.

    What type of warranty is provided on CLiC?

    • CLiC Functionality - 5 years
    • Electronics - 2 years
    • Lamination - 5 years
    • Insulating Seal - 20 years

  • Guides and Specifications

    CLiC Interior Brochure (PDF)

    CLiC Exterior Brochure (PDF)

    CLiC Technical Data Sheet (PDF)

    CLiC Glass Drawing (PDF)

    CLiC IG Drawing (PDF)

    CLiC Electrical Drawing (PDF)

    WD-02.1.4 Quick Start Guide (PDF)

    WD-02.1.4 Installation Manual (PDF)

    HC-198 Multi-Channel Quick Start Guide (PDF)

    WD-2.2 Glass Controller Manual (PDF)

    WD-2.1.3 Manual Addendum (PDF)

    WD-2.2 Mounting Template (PDF)

    CLiC 3 - Part Specification (DOCX)

    Cardinal Standard Terms and Conditions of Sale w/CLiC (PDF)