Cardinal Insulating Glass (IG) comes with the lowest insulating glass failure rate in the industry (less than 0.2% of all units manufactured over 20 years). As an automated glass manufacturer, Cardinal produces some of the most durable, uniform, and clean insulating glass units produced nationwide.

Cardinal offers all of the following:

  • LoE with multiple types and varying colors
  • Obscure glass in numerous patterns
  • Grille (muntin bars) with different profiles/color combinations
  • Made to order dual and triple pane insulating glass units (IGU)
  • Custom shapes and designs including arched/radius glass
  • Concave radius glass shapes
  • Tempered, heat strengthened, and laminated safety glass
  • Different spacer/color combinations are also available
  • Custom cut template glass

Cardinal Glass Industries is the most comprehensive automated glass supplier in the nation. Casco Industries, Chicagoland's premier glass distributor for Cardinal products, services all types of customers including large glass shops and individual customer needs. Visit for additional information.

  • Features

    20 Year Warranty - Lowest Seal Failure Rate in the Industry!

    XL Edge insulating glass comes with the lowest failure rate in the industry - developed in part from Cardinal's 50+ years of experience in manufacturing IG units, with nearly 40 years utilizing a dual-seal silicone system.

    Quickest Lead Time!

    As the premier Cardinal glass dealer in the Chicagoland area, we offer the shortest lead times for annealed, tempered, shapes, and LoE glass. Cardinal provides lead times as short as three days so be sure to ask a Casco Representative for a product lead time today!


    XL Edge Spacer System

    Cardinal provides a 20-year guarantee on XL Edge units because of their advanced design and fabrication. XL Edge is at the leading edge, incorporating a stainless steel spacer with airtight bent corners and a dual-seal construction of compressed polyisobutylene (PIB) and silicone. Desiccants are contained in the spacer to eliminate any potential for moisture. Argon is filled inside the IG unit, improving window U-factor. Since XL Edge is a warm-edge IG, the possibility of indoor condensation is greatly reduced.

    Cardinal's superior IG construction translates into a 0.2% seal failure rate over twenty years - plainly the lowest in the industry. To compare, the well-established 1976 Sealed Insulating Glass Manufacturing Association (SIGMA) study identifies average industry IG failures of over 9% in fifteen years. Modern competitive spacer systems simply cannot match the long-term durability characteristics of XL Edge IG. Even older Cardinal technologies, like IG with aluminum spacers and polysulfide or PIB, didn't stack up against XL Edge.

    Why Cardinal is the Best:

    In the video window below Cardinal describes their full manufacturing capabilities. Starting with a general overview and then showing each process in depth. Clicking on the blue arrows on each side of the video proceeds to the next video. Video Gallery

  • Glass

    Clear Glass Types

    The chart below shows the clear glass thicknesses available from Cardinal IG and the Sq/Ft maximum the glass can be used for single pane glass or dual & triple pane insulating glass units. Some additional restrictions can apply based on the glass selected and size of a unit. To confirm a specific combination is available for purchase, talk to a Casco sales representative.

    Glass Thickness
    10 Sq/Ft
    15 Sq/Ft
    20 Sq/Ft
    25 Sq/Ft
    30+ Sq/Ft
    2.2 MM (Single Strength)
    3.0 MM (Double Strength)
    3.9 MM (5/32")
    4.7 MM (3/16")
    5.7 MM (1/4")

    Energy Efficient Coatings

    Below are coatings available from Cardinal that may be applied to most glass combination options. These coatings assist in reducing energy costs, fading of furniture/flooring/carpets, and overall making a home more comfortable throughout the seasons. Each coating accomplishes different tasks, ask a sales representative to help work through which is best for different projects.

    Glass Type
    Clear Glass
    Color Review

    What is U-Value?

    U-Factor measures how well a product can keep heat from escaping from the inside of a room. The lower the number, the better a product is at keeping heat in.

    What is SHGC?

    Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SGHC) measures how well a product can resist unwanted heat gain, which is especially important during summer cooling season. The lower the number, the less you'll spend on cooling.

    What is VT?

    Visible Transmittance (VT) measures how well a product is designed to effectively light your home with daylight, potentially saving you money on artificial lighting. The higher the number, the more natural light is let in.

    For more information, visit the National Fenestration Rating Council.

  • Specialty Glass

    Obscure Glass

    Oftentimes used in bathrooms, mud rooms, and utility areas, specialty glass provides different levels of privacy while still allowing light into a room.



    Reeded Horizontal

    Reeded Vertical

    Satin Etch

    Tinted Glass

    Bronze Tint

    Gray Tint




    Bronze tinted glass with a mirrored finish.




    Gray tinted glass with a mirrored finish.


    Decorative Glass

    Decorative door glass is also available through Casco. While not a Cardinal IG product, these requests can be serviced through ODL Door Glass and Masonite Door Glass. The links below show the different types of glass available.

    ODL Door Glass

    Masonite Glass

  • Grilles/Muntins

    Types of Internal Grilles / GBG

    Grilles that are between the two panes of glass come in many different color combinations. Below are the shapes and sizes available. Additionally, Cardinal IG's full grille offering can be viewed on Casco's Grille Reference Chart.

    5/8" Flat

    5/8" Flat Two-Tone

    13/16" Flat

    13/16" Flat Two-Tone

    3/4" Contour

    3/4" Contour Two-Tone

    1" Contour

    1" Contour Two-Tone

    SDL Dummy

    Various Sizes


    Spacer Options

    Cardinal carries three different insulating glass spacers: the XL Edge, Endur, and Aluminum Spacer. The XL Edge and Endur spacer include a 20 year insulating glass warranty from Cardinal IG. The aluminum spacer carries a 10 year insulating glass warranty.

    Each spacers visible surface area is available in painted or anodized colors. Below are the colors available for each of the spacer types. Unless specified otherwise, all glass purchased from Casco Industries includes Cardinal's XL Edge Spacer in clear.

    COLOR: Clear


    COLOR: White


    COLOR: Bronze


    COLOR: Black


    COLOR: Clear


    COLOR: Grey


    COLOR: Bronze


    COLOR: Black


    Aluminum Spacer

    COLOR: Clear

    Aluminum Spacer

    COLOR: Light Bronze Anodize

    Aluminum Spacer

    COLOR: Dark Bronze Anodize

  • Shapes

    Below are more common shapes and the Cardinal Shape Number associated with that pattern. Most shapes do not require a template to produce a new piece of glass for replacement applications. View the full Cardinal Shape Catalog or Casco's Field Dimension Reference Chart for additional information.

    Shape 3

    Shape 4

    Shape 5

    Shape 6

    Shape 7

    Shape 15

    Shape 25

    Shape 51

    Shape 52

    Shape 56

    Shape 60

    Shape 61

    Shape 63

    Shape 64

    Shape 65

    Shape 66

    Shape 67

    Shape 68

    Shape 69

    Shape 70

    Shape 71

    Shape 72

    CAD Drawings

    Upon receiving shape and dimension information, Casco Industries generates a CAD file for approval like the one below. This eliminates any miscommunication possibilities and allows our customers to see the glass being purchased.


  • Delivery

    We deliver! Casco delivers glass to the general Chicagoland area including jobsites, glass shops, and personal projects.


    While Casco Industries only services the Casco brand of windows, we work with the best glazing and glass repair companies in the Chicagoland area. Call us at 847-741-9595 to find out who in the area is using Cardinal Insulating Glass with a 20 year warranty. Settle for nothing but the best glass in the market today!

  • Stock Glass

    The below glass is currently stock at Casco Industries South Elgin Facility and is ready for pick up.

    Insulating Glass (Patio Door Size)

    • Tempered Clear 5/8" Overall - 34" x 76"
    • Tempered Clear 5/8" Overall - 46" x 76"

    Installation Accessories

    • Dow Corning 1199 Silicone
    • Glass Rubber Setting Blocks


  • Other

    Online Ordering - ----insulatedglass_CASCOPRO.jpg

    Casco's online ordering tool, CASCOPRO, is available for all glass shops and glazing contractors. CASCOPRO allows contractors to quote insulating glass units from their car, jobsite, or office. CASCOPRO includes tempered glass, Cardinal LoE offerings, obscure glass options, and even grilles/muntins. Ask a Casco Representative for more information on how to be set up with a CASCOPRO account.

    Brochures and Forms

    ----insulatedglass_thumbtechguidet.jpg ----insulatedglass_thumbshapechart.jpg ----insulatedglass_thumbgrillechart.jpg

    Cardinal Technical Glass Guide

    Casco - Cardinal Shape Catalog

    Casco - Cardinal Grille Reference Chart

    ----insulatedglass_thumbprogramflyer.jpg ----insulatedglass_thumbquickrefsizechart.jpg ----insulatedglass_thumborderformt.jpg

    Casco Glass Program

    Field Dimension Reference Chart

    Glass Order Form