Did You Know: Porch Enclosure System - Large Openings

Wed April 24, 2024

Casco's Porch Enclosure System is one of the easiest ways to take a porch space only able to be enjoyed for a few fleeting summer months and turn it into an area that can be lived in year round. Its unique floating subsill allows for its installation into existing openings without the need for any carpentry and destruction or construction to the patio. Its sleek, architectural exterior face provides a smooth, finished appearance, and its removable screen and glass inserts are easily swapped from the interior.

 But what about when there's a large opening without any structural breaks?

Almond Porch Enclosure System with Glass Inserts


For larger openings, using the optional Casco supplied, color matched mullion channel (H-Channel) allows you to create floor to ceiling glass systems without the need to add supplemental supports for frames. Advantages of breaking up expansive openings include smaller and lighter glass inserts to handle, smaller and stronger screens to cope with turbulent winds or weather, and the ability to enclose an opening without having to add permanent structural supports.

White Porch Enclosure System with Dividing Mullions holding Screen Inserts


For openings larger than 42" wide x 82" tall, Casco recommends breaking the opening up into multiple porch enclosure systems with the use of mullions. Casco's mullion allows you to float two subsills together, maintaining that seamless polished appearance while allowing inserts to be smaller, more manageable sizes for easy swapping out and storage.

 Using a combined mulled opening of 5 wide by 3 high, Casco's Porch Enclosure System can fill openings up to 220" wide x 108" high.

Schematic Drawing of Casco's Porch Enclosure System with dividing Mullions.


H-Mullions also allow for added flexibility in design possibilities. With the H-Mullion accessory piece, stacking two systems on top of each other, or multiple systems next to each other is a breeze. The ability to combine horizontal and vertical sight-lines allows you to match the aesthetics of the existing home and space, while controlling the size of the inserts.

Four different stylistic combinations that can be created using mullions.