Did You Know: Storm Window - Frame Stabilizer Bar

Mon February 19, 2024

Storm windows often encounter installation issues, particularly with older windows that may have settled, leading to misalignment problems. Installers commonly use existing windows as a reference, but this can perpetuate alignment issues. A more effective approach is to frame the storm window square within the opening, disregarding any misalignments in the existing structure. Older windows may have uneven sills and other alignment problems, necessitating the treatment of the storm window independently.

Common Storm Window Installation Problems


A. Properly squared storm window

  • Allows proper operation of storm window.

B. Racked frame

  • Would cause gaps at sides of inserts and at top and bottom.

C. Racked frame

  • Would cause gaps at sides of inserts and at top and bottom.

D. Hourglass frame

  • Would cause inserts to be very tight in frame and not operate or remove properly.

E. Bulging frame

  • Would cause inserts to be very loose within frame and could allow inserts to fall out of frame openings completely.

Installing the storm window plumb, level, square, and true within the opening is crucial, even if it means deviating from the existing structure. This ensures a proper fit and minimizes potential alignment challenges. Taller double-hung windows pose additional problems like bulging or an hourglass effect in the frame due to extended spans. This misalignment can impede the movement of glass and screen inserts, causing them to get stuck or fall out in extreme cases of double hung storm windows.


To address these issues, installers can incorporate a frame stabilizer bar, particularly beneficial for taller double-hung windows. This addition not only prevents common errors but also guarantees the smooth movement and integrity of larger storm windows. By prioritizing precision and independence in framing, the installation process becomes more resilient and reliable, ultimately enhancing the performance and longevity of storm windows.

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