Riot Glass, a security glass manufacturing company out of California, has the ultimate line of fenestration security products. As the leading manufacturer of retrofit security glass and door systems, Riot Glass is designed to safeguard storefronts or any commercial or residential property that needs reliable fenestration protection.

Riot Glass proudly features their patented flagship product, ArmorPlastTM 25 Access Denial System. A full retrofit product that will surface or recess mount onto existing storefront products to deny entry to any would be intruder. Perfect for schools, hospitals, retail stores, and government buildings of all types with extensive use in correctional and psychiatric facilities. Featuring ArmorplastTM polycarbonate sheets, the ArmorPlastTM 25 Access Denial System includes an abrasion and UV resistant sheet that offers glass-like surface hardness coupled with the impact strength of polycarbonate. Additionally, ArmorPlastTM offers resistance from yellowing and hazing for longer service life in high profile applications such as high end retailers.

  • Storefront security
  • School security.


    • ArmorPlast™ looks like regular glass. Visual acuity can be slightly affected, but overall you won't see a difference. Yellowing is not a concern and is covered by the warranty.
    • ArmorPlast™ has a UL 752 Rating. This means ArmorPlast™ products allow bullet penetration, but won't break down or appreciably diminish in strength. In other words, the bullets leave holes, but the panels remain intact and are virtually unbreakable, keeping intruders out of the building. The ultimate smash and grab defense for retail stores.
    • Traditional cleaning methods work on all types of security glass. Riot Glass security glass products have a protective outer layer to avoid scratching and marring. Treat security glass the way you would the finish on a fine automobile and you'll enjoy years of trouble-free service.
    • AP25 can be mounted to the exterior or interior. Which ever side the product is mounted to, you will want to be sure to remove any graphics or signage before installation.
    • AP25 does require self tapping screws to be fasten into your existing storefront framing.
    • Maximum Size: 72" x 120" - Larger openings would require reconfiguration of existing storefront glass or false mullions to be added to the project.
  • Measuring Sheets


    ArmorPlast AP25 - Measuring Sheets (Fixed Lite, Door, Transom)

    For additional details on how to measure, call 847-741-9595.

  • Installation

    For details on how to install, consult your installation guide or call 847-741-9595.

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  • Other Information

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    ArmorPlastTM AP25 - Measure Sheet

    ArmorPlastTM Product Warranty