A home is a reflection of a lifestyle. From outdoor landscaping to interior design, imagination is what turns a house into a home. Enhancing it with custom doors makes a bold statement and puts the finishing touches on any home. Considering Rogue Valley Door offers a multitude of custom styles and shapes using a wide variety of wood species and glass treatments, the possibilities are endless. Architect, builder, or homeowner, Rogue Valley offers not only the finest wood doors available, but also the opportunity to custom design them into an ideal door.

  • Features

    Choosing a Rogue Valley Door could easily be one of the best decisions made for a home. The wood doors created at Rogue Valley Door have immense value and feeling that can be brought to both the exterior and interior of a home. When buying a wood door, it comes with many great features and benefits that surpass other doors that are made in the market. Take a look at what can be expected when ordering a Rogue Valley Door.

    • High end look
    • Scratches can be easily repaired
    • Increased value and curb appeal of a home
    • Natural beauty
    • Easy to fit (can be trimmed, easier to customize to fit specific needs)
    • One of a kind look
    • Stile and rail door construction
    • Renewable resource
    • Manufacturing and disposal process is eco-friendly
    • Customizable glass options
    • Wide variety/customized panel raises
    • Custom sticking
    • Ability to customize size of components to match historical elements and architecture style
    • Can use wood doors both as interior and exterior doors
    • Heavier/ less sound travels through
    • Stile and rail construction- finger jointed core ensures added strength, dowel pins provide more stability, high grade veneer to show beauty of door
    • Strong, durable, high quality, long-lasting
  • Style

    Below are basic styles available from Rogue Valley. Click on the style of choice to see more doors available from Rogue Valley.

    ----rogueext_style_decorative.jpg ----rogueext_style_urban.jpg ----rogueext_style_rustic.jpg ----rogueext_style_plankspeakeasy.jpg ----rogueext_groovedpanel.jpg




    Plank & Speakeasy

    Grooved Panel

    ----rogueext_style_traditional.jpg ----rogueext_style_french.jpg ----rogueext_style_panel.jpg ----rogueext_style_specialty.jpg ----rogueext_style_dutch.jpg






    ----rogueext_style_sdf.jpg ----rogueext_style_sidelitestransoms.jpg

    Sustainable Designed Fiberboard (SDF) Doors

    Sidelites and Transoms

  • Wood Species Available

    Any of the below wood species are available to make a custom or standard wood entry door system. Doors, sidelites, transoms, grilles, and frame can all be made from the same species wood to create a very uniform finished front door look for a home. Additionally, wood species can be mixed within one door or door system. Frames could be primed and the slab could be mahogany.







    Knotty Alder

    Knotty Pine






    Red Oak


    White Oak

    Specialized Woods are also available included Western Red Cedar, Cypress, Jatoba, Quarter Sawn White Oak, Quarter Sawn Red Oak, Redwood, Rift Red Oak, Rift White Oak, Rustic Cherry, Rustic Oak, and Rustic Walnut. Looking for a species that we do not list? Let us know! Oftentimes, Rogue Valley is able to source the wood in a custom order!

    Wood Distressing

    roguevalleyext_nodistress roguevalleyext_lightdistress roguevalleyext_mediumdistress roguevalleyext_heavydistress

    No Distress

    Light Distress

    Medium Distress

    Heavy Distress

    roguevalleyext_mediumdistressnoworm roguevalleyext_heavydistressnoworm roguevalleyext_mediumwire roguevalleyext_heavywire

    Medium Distress
    No Worm Holes

    Heavy Distress
    No Worm Holes

    Medium Wirebrush

    Heavy Wirebrush

  • Glass Available

    The below glass options are available for use in Rogue Valley Doors and can be mixed and matched. Let us know if we can help find something not shown as well!



    Cross Reed

    Delta Frost

    Double Glue Chip


    Glue Chip


    IG Bronze GBG

    IG White GBG





    Seedy Baroque



    White Laminate





    Solar Bronze

    Rogue Valley - Full Glass Offering

  • Build Options and Add Ons


    Rogue Valley Doors come in all sizes, from up to 2-1/4" thick, to 8' wide, to 14' tall. Just let us know what is needed and Rogue Valley can build the perfect door to fit any project.

    Fire-Rated Wood Doors

    ----rogueext_firedoor.jpgTired of the same old steel fire rated door? Get a Rogue Valley Wood Fire Door! Available in 20, 45, 60, or 90 Minute ratings, these code compliant wood fire doors have substantial veneers that allow safety and style come together.

    Rogue Premium & Premium Plus

    No overhang? No Problem! Rogue Valley offers a solid wood door option with a 5 year no overhang guarantee in pine, fir, and primed wood doors! These doors are assembled with Rogue Valley's standard 5/8" x 5" hardwood dowel pins and then for added strength the joints are glued and a secured with a 3/8" x 6" steel lag bolt!

    ----rogueext_standard.jpg ----rogueext_premium.jpg ----rogueext_premiumplus.jpg

    Rogue Standard - 1/16" Veneer

    Rogue Premium - 1/4" Veneer

    Rogue Premium Plus - Solid Wood

    ----rogueext_fsc.jpgFSC Certified Wood Doors

    Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Certified Doors can be ordered from Rogue Valley as well! Just let us know this is what is needed for the project at the time of the quotation!

  • Other

    Door Builder

    Build a Rogue Valley Door now!

    Door Builder


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    Rogue Valley - Main Catalog
    Rogue Valley - Rapid Ship
    Sustainable Design Fiberboard (SDF)

    BarnDoors-RogueValley ----rogueext_thumburbanchic.jpg
    Barn Doors Rogue Valley - Urban Chic

    Overhang Requirements

    Adequate overhang is very critical to the life and performance of a wood stile and rail door. A proper overhang will help protect your door from the elements and extend the life of the door. In most climate conditions the following formula can be used to determine the appropriate amount of overhang: X=1/2Y (where X is the length of the overhang required and Y is the distance from the bottom of the door to the base of the overhang.) For example, if the measurement from the bottom of the door to the base of the overhang is 8 feet, then the required overhang is 4 feet.