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Today, as for the past 60+ years, VELUX is the world leader in roof windows and skylights. This is no accident. It is a result of their intense focus on creating the best quality, most energy efficient daylighting products available.

Over the years VELUX has worked to identify the key components necessary for virtually any successful daylighting project, and they have created a product program to match. The result is a complete system of daylighting products unmatched anywhere. Take advantage of their experience by incorporating the complete system into your daylighting project.

VELUX skylights and roof windows are complemented by a complete range of blinds, electronic accessories, solar panels and shades.

  • Skylights

    Solar Powered

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    The Solar Powered "Fresh Air" Skylight features a solar panel that captures any available daylight and uses it to recharge a highly efficient, fully concealed battery powered operator and control system. The battery powered operator is the power source that opens and closes the skylight. A rain sensor is built in to close the unit in the event that inclement weather arises while you're away.

    Solar Powered Skylights Accessories


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    Designed for curb and deck mounted installations, the VELUX Electric "Fresh Air" skylight is an ideal daylighting solution for overhead applications. It brings in abundant natural light and with the touch of a button, opens to let fresh air in. And if inclement weather is on the way and you're not at home, a rain sensor will automatically close the skylight for you.

    Electric Skylights Accessories


    ----skylights_tab_Manual Venting Skylights.jpgDesigned for curb and deck mounted installations, the VELUX Manual "Fresh Air" skylight enables any home to embrace the best of what nature has to offer. Opening for maximum fresh air, the venting skylight contributes to a home's proper moisture balance and comfort level by allowing stale, humid air to be released.

    Manual Skylights Accessories


    ----skylights_tab_Fixed Skylights.jpgVELUX deck and curb mounted fixed skylight are perfect for visually expanding areas such as hallways, stairwells, and other closed-in, dark spaces that can be transformed with light and sky views. It provides an economical choice in creating a spacious home that is filled with natural light. Heavy-duty materials ensure that VELUX fixed skylights are built to withstand the installation process, as well as anything Mother Nature throws its way.

    Fixed Skylights Accessories

  • Roof Windows

    Top Hinged Roof Windows


    Top Hinged Roof Windows - Put fresh air at your fingertips with a top hinged VELUX roof window. A top hinged roof window is easy to operate - even with furniture beneath. The innovative top control bar allows you to install the window lower than an equivalent bottom-operated window to get an excellent view while standing and when seated.

    Top Hinged Roof Windows Accessories

    Center Pivot Roof Windows

    ----roofwindows_tab_Center-pivot-Roof-Window.jpgWe recommend center-pivot windows if you have to, or wish to, place your window in a low position, for instance: in rooms with a low ceiling or where you'd like a better view of the surroundings below.

    Center Pivot Roof Windows Accessories

    Roof Access Roof Windows

    ----roofwindows_tab_Roof-access-roof-window.jpgLet fresh air into your home without having to worry about security or bad weather, even when you are away or sleeping. Pull the unique top control bar once and you will allow fresh, filtered air to enter through the ventilation flap. All VELUX roof windows make it easier to gain access to the outdoors.

    Roof Access Roof Windows Accessories

    CABRIO Roof Windows

    ----roofwindows_tab_CABRIO-roof-window.jpgAdd extra daylight, fresh air and direct access to the outdoors with these innovative windows. Choose CABRIO if you'd like to add a balcony to your home or choose a roof terrace window to make use of unused roof space.

    CABRIO Roof Windows Accessories

  • Blinds

    Room Darkening Skylight Blind


    This double pleated or flat skylight blind can convert day into night, blocking even the brightest sunlight, which makes it ideal for rooms that require total room darkening, such as bedrooms. The skylight blind can be either manually or solar powered and therefore does not require wiring at installation. Simply snap into place and operate with an included keypad remote.

    Room Darkening Skylight Blind

    Light Filtering Skylight Blind

    ----blinds_tabs_Light-Filtering-Skylight-Blinds.jpgNo longer is direct sunlight an issue. The VELUX light filtering skylight blind softens and diffuses the light that will enter your room. Perfect for rooms where diffused light is desired such as kitchens and living rooms. Offers both protection and good looks.

    Light Filtering Skylight Blind

    Venetian Skylight Blind

    ----blinds_tabs_Venetian-Skylight-Blinds.jpgThe Venetian skylight blind features make operation simple and convenient, with a control mechanism that allows you to position the skylight blinds at any point on the window. Improved designs give you control over both the amount and direction of light, making it perfect for any room where light control and aesthetics are important.

    Venetian Skylight Blind

  • Sun Tunnels

    Rigid Sun Tunnels

    ----suntunnel_tab_sun-tunnel-rigid-cutaway.jpgRigid tunnels are recommended when there is a straight, unobstructed path from the roof to the ceiling, although they can be maneuvered slightly.

    Rigid Sun Tunnels Accessories

    Flexible Sun Tunnels

    ----suntunnel_tab_sun-tunnel-flex-cutaway.jpgFlexible tunnels are recommended when installation around obstacles within the loft space is required. They are the easiest product to install because of the maneuverability of the material.

    Flexible Sun Tunnels Accessories

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    Velux Sizing Guide