Remodeling, a home economically doesn't require a homeowner to compromise the quality of the product they select.

Casco's Double Hung Replacement Kit, often times called a sash pack, replaces warn sashes and weather-strip with new energy efficient product utilizing a home's existing wood window frames. Each replacement kit offers a durable and maintenance free extruded aluminum clad exterior and rich pine wood interior. Adding the optional LoE3 energy efficient glass to a new replacement kit delivers year-round comfort in all types of weather. In winter, costly heat is reflected back into the home. In summer, LoE3 rejects the sun's heat and damaging UV rays to protect interior furnishings. Each Casco Double Hung Replacement Kit comes with a 20 year insulated glass warranty.

Using an existing wood window frame minimizes home demolition and costly installation labor. This method of installing new energy efficient product provides homeowner's an alternative to full window replacement. Available in eight exterior colors and with factory interior pre-finishing options, replacement kits can be custom tailored to fit any project style.

  • Standard Features

    • Extruded aluminum clad exterior / pine wood interior
    • Solid wood component construction with substantial profiles
    • Maximum amount of wood surface exposure to the interior of the home
    • Beige, replacement style, compression jamb liner
    • Eight standard exterior maintenance free color options
    • Clear insulated glass
    • Cam action heavy duty sash lock
    • Tilt in action for easy cleaning
    • New vinyl head parting stop
    • Installation clips and nails/screws
    • 20 year insulated glass warranty

    Optional Features

    • Custom sizes
    • Upgraded LoE coatings
    • Tempered safety glass and/or obscured glass
    • Grille Options Including: Internal Grilles (between the glass), and Simulated Divided Lites (SDL)
    • Factory stain, prime, or paint finishes including custom interior paint
    • Made to order screens to replace existing screens
  • Double Hung Exterior Window Colors*







    Dark Bronze


    *Exterior matching glazing bead available in White, Almond, Beige, Dark Bronze, and Black only. If other colors are selected, a glazing bead must be chosen in an unmatched finish. Estate and custom color finishes are not available for Casco Double Hung Replacement Kits.

    Interior Prefinished Wood Colors





    Dark Oak

    Dark Walnut




    Black Cherry

    Mission Oak

    Painted Casco White

    Painted Casco Black

    Primed Only
    (Field Finish Required)

    Actual colors may vary, see your sales consultant for color samples.

  • Glass

    Energy Efficient Coated Glass


    Cardinal LoE3-366® - Dual Pane

    Cardinal LoE3-366® glass is the ultimate performance glass that delivers the ideal balance of solar control and high visibility. Along with providing the highest levels of year-round comfort and energy savings, LoE3-366 provides exceptional fading protection as well. It blocks 95% of the sun's damaging ultraviolet rays (a leading cause of fading), so it will help your furniture, carpets, curtains and wall coverings stay beautiful for years to come.


    LoE3-340 - Dual Pane

    The solar performance of LoE3-340 glass is unprecedented in a double-pane unit - no room-darkening tint required with great glare control. Then when cold weather rolls around, its low U-Factor reduces indoor heat loss. Less heat gain when it's hot, less heat loss when it's cold, more comfort year-round, and the best glare control under the sun.


    LoE3-366® with LoE-180™- Triple Pane

    High performance triple pane glass is also available in the form of LoE3-366® with LoE-180™ included! Ask your sales representative for more information on this energy efficient combination!



    Adding LoE-i89 to windows already with LoE3-366®, or LoE3-340, takes your energy efficiency to the next level. Rather than absorbing internal heat, LoE-i89 reflects it back into the room, making your living space feel warmer and more comfortable. LoE-i89 provides triple pane performance from dual pane glass.


    Neat® - Naturally Clean Glass

    Neat®, naturally clean glass, harnesses the sun's UV rays to loosen dirt so water can rinse it away, leaving windows virtually spotless. This nearly invisible protection layer is applied to the exterior of your glass allowing your windows to stay cleaner longer.

    Obscure Glass

    Oftentimes used in bathrooms, mud rooms, and utility areas, specialty glass provides different levels of privacy while still allowing light into a room.



    Reeded Horizontal

    Reeded Vertical

    Satin Etch

  • Grille Type

    Internal Grilles

    Grilles that are between the two panes of glass

    5/8" Flat

    13/16" Flat

    3/4" Contour

    1" Contour

    All internal grilles are available in two tone finishes with the exterior color of the grille matched to your window color and white on the interior to match painted interior finishes.

    SDL Grilles

    Simulated Divided Lite (SDL) grilles are mounted to the exterior of the glass on both the exterior and interior of the window. Adding a 3rd internal grille between the glass adds to the beauty of the rich look of SDL Grilles.

    7/8" SDL

    7/8" SDL with Internal

    1-1/4" SDL

    1-1/4" SDL with Internal

    Need interior removable wood grilles? We can help! Ask a sales representative for more information.

    Grille Styles


    Colonial Top Only

    Specified Colonial






  • Hardware





  • Measuring

    See the diagrams below on how to measure for new Casco Double Hung Replacement Kit. Both the smallest opening width and smallest opening height should be used to quote or order Casco's Double Hung Replacement Kit.

    ----dhrepkit_verticalmeasure.JPG ----dhrepkit_horzmeasure.JPG
  • Other


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