Casco's Porch Enclosure System creates a different solution to a traditional household dilemma. Local weather brings humid summers with insects and frigid winters with harsh snow. Patios take a beating year after year with homeowners being able to enjoy them for only a small portion of the year. The Casco Porch Enclosure System allows interchangeable glass and screen panels to be traded as needed without any carpentry or deconstruction of the patio. Leave the screens in throughout warm months to create an insect free outdoor retreat. In the winter, change the screens to glass panels and create a snow free outdoor oasis. Additionally, you can view Casco Storm Windows and Screen Inserts as alternate solutions to your porch needs.

  • Standard Features

    • Extruded aluminum frame and insert components
    • Eight standard exterior maintenance free color options
    • Fiberglass mesh screen insert
    • Heavy duty corner key with double screw frame corners
    • Tempered glass insert
    • Made to order sizing
    • Color matched installation screws
    • Max Single Size: 44" x 88"
    • Max Combined Mulled Opening (5W3H Unit): 220" x 108"
    • Note: It is important to keep handling the glass in consideration when creating layouts of openings.

    Optional Features

    • Installation channel (F-Channel) for easy mounting
    • Mulling channel (H-Channel) for mulling together multiple units for large openings
    • PetScreen and BetterVue screen fabric
    • LoE i89 glass for higher energy efficiency
    • Safety and obscure glass
    • Plexiglass
    • Estate Colors

  • Standard Colors






    Dark Bronze


    Clear Anodize

    Estate Colors

    Bright White











    Spring Green





    Ice Blue





    Forest Green



    Bronze Vein

    Silver Vein

    Actual colors may vary, see your sales consultant for color samples.

  • Screen


    Standard Screen

    As the standard in the industry for years, this vinyl coated fiberglass screen material is sure to keep insects out.



    BetterVue insect screen is an improved visibility screen that offers clearer views (20%) with enhanced insect screen performance (10%). Additionally, BetterVue includes Microban antimicrobial product protection to stay clean longer and Water Shed TechnologyTM.



    PetScreen is tear and puncture-resistant to prevent damage by dogs and cats and is ideal for use in high-traffic areas. Additionally, PetScreen includes Microban antimicrobial product protection to stay clean longer and Water Shed TechnologyTM.


    Energy Efficient Coated Glass



    LoE-x89® is a neutral color exterior glass surface coating (indium tin oxide) which reduces outdoor glass condensation. LoE-x89® is designed to be used on surface #1 to reduce heat loss and the occurrence of the glass falling below the dew point. This reduces the opportunity for exterior condensation to occur. In addition, LoE-x89® has a titanium dioxide coating which keeps the exterior glass surface cleaner for a longer period.

    Safety Glass

    Tempered safety glass is standard on all Casco Porch Enclosure products. Plexiglass is available in lieu of standard tempered glass.

    Obscure Glass

    Oftentimes used in bathrooms, mud rooms, and utility areas, specialty glass provides different levels of privacy while still allowing light into a room.

    Stipolite (Pattern 62)


    Satin Etch

  • Measuring

    To obtain a quote on the Casco Porch Enclosure System, provide width and height dimensions of the opening. From that size, 1/2" is deducted from overall opening sizes to ensure a proper fit into a finished opening.


    Installation of the Casco Porch Enclosure System can be done differently based on how/where it is being installed. Below are two examples of suggested installation techniques.


    Option 1 - Receptor

    Using the optional Casco supplied receptor system (F-Channel), screw through the available fin with the supplied self tapping screws.

    Option 2 - Field Stop

    Using material of selection, or the structure itself, place the frame into the opening and pinch it (stop) between two pieces of material nailing it into the opening.


    For larger openings, using the optional Casco supplied mullion channel (H-Channel) allows homeowners to create floor to ceiling glass systems without the need to add supplemental supports for frames. Advantages of breaking up expansive openings include: smaller and lighter glass units to handle, smaller and stronger screens to cope with turbulent winds or weather, and the ability to reduce glass cost by only adding safety glass where needed.

    ----porchenclosure_installation_mullionexample.jpg ----porchenclosure_installation_hchannel.jpg


    Used to mull multiple Casco Porch Enclosure Systems together to fill a large opening.

  • Other

    Porch Enclosure Brochure
    Casco Storm Product Warranty (PDF)